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FAQs about telework

How many teleworkers are there today?

The number of Americans whose employer allows them to work from home at least one day per month increased to 12.4 million in 2006, up from approximately 9.9 million in 2005, a 25-percent one-year increase, according to research conducted by WorldatWork. Roughly 8 percent of American workers have an employer that allows them to telecommute one day per month and roughly 20 percent of the workforce engages in telework. Gallup research conducted in 2006 revealed that one in three U.S. workers have telecommuted to work and the average worker telecommutes two days each month.

What are the benefits?
  • Worklife balance. Flexible work policies help to attract and retain empoloyees.
  • Facility costs. Companies reduce their footprint as employees give up permanent office space.
  • Employee health/absenteeism. Staff can get work done from home and avoid spreading germs in the office. A report by ITAC (Telework America, 1999)
    showed that employers save 63 percent of the cost of absenteeism per
    teleworking employee.
  • Business continuity. A distributed workforce can keep a company going in times of stress.
I'm looking for case studies about telework. Take a look at the National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse. There are links to websites with over 70 case studies about telework, compressed work weeks and other alternative work schedule programs. You can also find more than a dozen case studies on the Telecommute Connecticut site.
Where can I find templates and sample telework policies?

Oregon Office of Energy
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

How much does it cost to set up a teleworker? Getting started doesn't cost much. Cisco estimates that it costs $500 to $1500 to set up a new teleworker, depending on the technology needed.
here can I find model telecwork agreements and policies?

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